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Bespoke book cover design that captures the genre and atmosphere of your book. Make your book stand out from the crowd!

Our graphic designer will consult with you and put together a cover design in keeping with the theme and mood of your book, including title, author name, images and additional design elements to produce a professional finished product. Click here to view our graphic designer's portfolio.

Please send us examples of your cover design concept before we start the design, if you have them. This can include: the subject matter, and any specific fonts or colours you may want. 

While we welcome very detailed requests of what you would like to include on your cover, please bear in mind that this may take longer than 1 day and may need to be factored in as an additional cost.

You have the option of two revisions to the design. A ‘revision’ can include changes to the positioning of images, font/lettering, lettering position, tracking, kerning, colours and amendments to the style and/or intensity of special effects applied to text and/or images. It does not include a complete change of cover design. Any additional revisions will be priced at £25 per hour.

Total package cost: £150 (1 day of graphic designer's time)

VAT no: 252125048

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Deluxe Cover Design

  • Product Code: HFW06
  • £150.00

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